Care of Prints

Care of Prints when Framing

For preservation it is most important that quality prints which have been produced on mould or hand-made rag paper be framed using museum quality, acid-free mount and backing board, together with archival tape for fixing.

No work on paper should be displayed above a heat source or in direct sunlight.

A note on Limited Editions

Original prints are not reproductions. The artist’s concept is hand-worked onto the plate and this original plate is used for each copy produced, and it is this that makes every copy an original work of art. This is also relevant to relief printing, lithography or screenprinting.

Only prints meeting this requirement can be termed ‘original prints’.

Photographic reproduction prints are sometimes ‘limited editions’ but they are not ‘original prints’ and are therefore very rarely of any value, although they are often sold at exorbitant prices.

The number of prints in an edition is written on the bottom left-hand side and above this is the number of the print in that edition. 10% of an edition can be ‘artist’s proof’.

When an edition is completed the metal plate is defaced, thereby effecting the limit to the edition.

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